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January 28, 2007

Interim: New Memphis Restaurant

I have recently spent two nights at the newly opened Interim in East Memphis; the previous space belonged to Wally Joe. The article from the Memphis Flyer can give more details about the ownership, kitchen staff, and other details. The burger was fantastic and could give other popular burgers in town a run for their money. My favorite dish was the mac & cheese for the following reasons: its baked in a little red Le Creuset dish, it contains bacon, and it is delicious. Other dishes that looked tasty were the white bean puree & crab cakes. The caesar salad was not very impressive considering the Wally Joe version had a baked quail egg with brioche. Yum.

Overall, I would recommend it for a nice neighborhood meal.

For those that have also visited Interim, please post your comments.

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January 21, 2007

Go Bears!

Looking forward to the Super Bowl in two weeks.

With the Bears' good fortune, maybe this will inspire the Cubs to reach for the post season...

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