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July 22, 2007

Saturday in the Park

(a few pictures from Lincoln Park)


July 18, 2007

Chicago Images

(The L station that I take to school & the Loop)

July 9, 2007

"I'll send an SOS to the world..."

If you can identify that song lyric, then you know where I was Thursday night at Wrigley Field.

Yes, that was the Police concert.

Sitting on the field of the Friendly Confines. I can't tell you what a thrill that was. Sitting in left field at one of the best ballparks EVER for a concert. Wasn't sure how many songs I would know, but I recognized almost all.

That was Day 2 of the move to Chicago.

Day 1 consisted of eating at Milk & Honey, a tasty cafe on Division close to the Ukranian Village. Good food & tunes. In addition to a sandwich, I tried their ice tea which for my southern friends was unsweet.

On the evening of Day 3 I took the train up north to Ravinia which is an outdoor venue for concerts, events, and activities. The weekend's theme was classical composers, so vistors were guaranteed a pleasant evening; picnic baskets, wine, and small tables were everywhere. Kind of reminded me of football season in the Grove at Oxford, MS. I hope to go again this summer to see other concerts.

The rest of the weekend consisted of going to the following restaurants:
*Hot Chocolate (owner is a Kendall graduate & James Beard winner)
*Jerry's Sandwiches (opened 7 days ago & has 100 sandwich options--they need an eating contest similar to the Flying Saucer)
*Meritage (several pronunciations, but I think it rhymes with "heritage")
*People Lounge (tapas bar in Bucktown)

PS: this city will put me in the poor house if I continue to go out to eat.

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