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May 25, 2007

Smart Transportation

As I prepare for the Big Move to the second city/city of big shoulders/city with deep dish pizza, I found two companies in which to rent cars. ZipCars & I-Go are car sharing businesses that position cool cars in neighborhoods for people to use for a day or days at a time. Gas & insurance are included in the price & reservations are made online. The environmental benefits are too numerous to list; in fact, I-Go is a non profit agency partnering with the state government to reduce vehicle emissions & encourages ride sharing as well as public transit.

Renting a Mini Cooper would be a sweet way to spend the day running errands or sightseeing around town.

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May 1, 2007

Memphis Farmers Market

Its time again to make the Saturday morning drive to the Memphis Farmers Market this weekend. I am sure that it could be crowded with Memphis in May in full swing, and hopefully the weather will be decent.

Here is my post about the market from July 2006:

Saturday morning/afternoon was spent at the new farmers market in downtown Memphis. If you like fresh vegetables, flowers, fruit, and other odds & ends, head to the South Main area to Central Station. You will find local purveyors selling their food out of their trucks & cars.

There is a bit of a strategy to this form of shopping: if you go early in the day, you get a better selection of product because the crowds have not passed through; but if you come later in the day, you can bargain a bit more. For example, I arrived an hour prior to closing. For $10 I got a pound of cherry tomatoes, a box of fresh arugula, three HUGE sunflowers, three cucumbers, & a bunch of bright orange zinnias. If the same items were purchased at our fine local grocery stores, the quality (& availability) would not come close.

So, next weekend I recommend getting up a little early, grab some coffee or morning bev of choice, and make the drive downtown. Its worth it.

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